Quick Start Guide


  1. Copy the files to /packages/community_ckeditor such that controller.php resides at /packages/community_ckeditor/controller.php
  2. Install the Community CKEditor package from the Concrete5 Dashboard Add Functionality page


By default CKEditor is shipped with a reasonable set of plugins enabled. You can enable additional plugins and functionality from the Concrete5 Dashboard Rich Text Editor page (/index.php/dashboard/system/basics/editor)

For more advanced users we also allow CKEditor styles to be configured using JSON format via index.php/dashboard/system/basics/editor/ckeditor_styles. These styles, once added, will then show up in the CKEditor Styles dropdown in the User Interface. Note: If you uninstall the package, all styles will be reset to the defaults, we highly recommend you keep a copy or database backup of your styles.


  • For support please open an issue on our github page. We ask that you first search the existing issues to see if your problem might have already been reported or fixed.