Sync Basics

On Login

User and group sync is automatically triggered anytime an LDAP user authenticates, irrespective of whether or not the user has been previously synced. This sync is required and can not be disabled by the administrator.


Optionally, a sync of all users and groups can be triggered automatically at set times using a concrete5 automated job. The concrete5 automated jobs page can be found in the Dashboard under System & Settings -> Optimization -> Automated Jobs.

concrete5 allows automated jobs to be run manually, individually through a cron job or by users accessing pages, or in bulk using a job set. We recommend running the sync job automatically using a cron job. To schedule it, click the clock icon in the row for the "Synchronizes LDAP Users" job. This will display an automation instructions dialog.

The automation instructions dialog allows for scheduling the job when people browse to a page or through a cron job. For performance reasons we do not recommend running the job when people browse to the page, we recommend running it through cron or an equivalent task scheduler.

Note: Because concrete5 jobs currently run via an HTTP request you may still be prone to timeout errors. As of concrete5 version 5.7.5 we are expecting there to be a command line interface which should be less susceptible to this problem and will be the recommended way to schedule the user sync job.