Directory Group Mapping

The directory group mapping allows an administrator to set up links so that if a user is found to be in an LDAP group, they can automatically be added to a concrete5 group when the user is synced. Directory group mappings can be set up by going to the directory edit page, and then selecting the "Group Mapping" button in the upper right hand corner.

If a user is removed from an LDAP group they will be removed from the concrete5 group on the next sync job or the next time the user logs in.

If a concrete5 group is removed, the group mapping will automatically be removed from the directory. If an LDAP group is removed (or its DN changes) the group mapping will remain as it was originally added and will have no effect on user syncs.

An example of a directory group mapping might be such that you want any user who is a Domain Admin in your LDAP directory, to be put into the Administrators group of concrete5.